Our Mission

Metrodigi is the innovative learning technology company that provides an open and flexible, intelligent solution for digital content creators. We aim to be the gold standard authoring tool for the creation of digital content that educates, informs, advances and inspires minds everywhere, through every stage of life-long learning.

As we look to the future, we’ve realized the importance of a successful partnership with you. It’s critical that we continue to strengthen and grow our relationship with our vendors, as we continue to find new ways to delight our customers.

This document outlines the Vendor Certification Program, benefits to participating, and the steps for becoming a "Metrodigi Preferred Vendor". 

Vendor Certification Program

The Metrodigi Vendor Certification opportunity will be presented to vendors interested in working with Metrodigi on a range of projects. Upon completion of the vendor certification requirements, you will be certified as a “Metrodigi Preferred Vendor.”


  • Eligibility to accept a wide range of Metrodigi digital production projects
  • Technical support, guidance, and full access to Chaucer, MDEPUBTools and other software solutions related to Metrodigi digital production projects
  • Metrodigi Preferred Vendor logo for display on your marketing materials
  • A presence on Metrodigi’s website and marketing materials and in presentations to customers as a “Metrodigi Preferred Vendor.”

Program Details 

Certification consists of three levels of proven competency. (These competencies are described in further detail in the Metrodigi Vendor Certification Program Document.)

Level One Certification (Basic)

Basic Level—Vendors will demonstrate basic knowledge of Metrodigi applications and tools and the ability to perform simple operations. 

Level Two Certification (Gold)

Non-technical, editorial level of certification— Vendors will demonstrate a basic understanding of the Metrodigi application's editorial functions including using the widget portal for widget creation. 

Level Three Certification (Platinum)

Complete ePub creation and facility to integrate into current Metrodigi processes— Vendors will demonstrate their proficiency by completing a minimum of two real-world ePub development tasks. 

Certification Process

For each of the three levels of certification there are required courses and assessments (certification dependent on continual high performance periodic review).





Demonstrate basic aptitude with the elements required in Level One Certification. 

Level 1 Silver Certification 

Basic Chaucer Course (30-40 min)


Level 2 Gold Certification 


Demonstrate basic aptitude with the elements required in Level One Certification

Intermediate Chaucer Course (30-40 min)

Widget Portal Course (30 min)


Level 3 Platinum Certification 

Review "platinum-sample" and demonstrate an understanding of how it has been structured. 

Satisfactory completion of two real world projects demonstrating understanding of the elements required in Level Three Certification. 

Advanced Chaucer Course (45-60 min)

GIT Widget Editing Course (30 min)

Widget Portal Course 2 (30 min)


What You Can Expect From Metrodigi 

Certified vendors are critical members of the Metrodigi team. Having qualified vendors helps keep our business growing and our customers happy. For this reason, it is just as important for we are committed to working together with you to strengthen your competencies and abilities to help us meet customer needs. Please feel free to reach out to us regarding any issues or suggestions at any time.