Chaucer is a versatile collaborative authoring application for creating interactive learning materials and publishing open-standard digital content. Cloud-based and with a full suite of powerful editing, review, and WYSIWYG interactive templates, Chaucer provides teams with the perfect platform to build and distribute engaging digital learning materials.

Easily Author Content 

Our fully featured authoring environment provides a rich toolset for professional content creators. WYSIWYG authoring means your team can create rich, engaging experiences that look beautiful on any screen size—all without touching a line of code.


Engage with Interactivity

Think outside the margins with powerful widgets. Adding interactivity to your content is as simple as drag and drop. Choose from a wide selection of interactive widgets like flashcards, galleries, quizzes, and 3D images.



Team Up and Work Smarter

Simplify your feedback process by having team members comment directly on your pages. Collaboration options like notes and track changes speed up the authoring process and make your workflow smarter and more efficient.

Standard Output Formats

You’ve made your content beautiful and now you’re ready to publish it. With a few clicks, Chaucer produces industry standard HTML5 and EPUB3 formats. Distribute your content anywhere you want, including digital book stores from Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Kobo or integrate into your LMS. 

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated Customer Success team is here to help you every step of the way. Explore our extensive knowledge base, including help guides and videos, covering a full range of topics—from just getting started all the way to exporting your content.

Features Tailored for Your Needs

We’ve built a powerful application, but we realize users may need something a little extra. We work closely with educational publishers, corporations, and technology companies to develop highly-designed, interactive digital content that empowers learners. Contact us about our APIs, SDKs, and creating customized features for Chaucer. 

Interactivity Powered by Poe®


Poe®, the powerful framework designed by Metrodigi®, is
a key component of how Chaucer® makes its output special.

Interactivity created with Poe® makes the whole experience of reading more memorable, help students learn more, and brings content alive.