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Chaucer is a cloud-based publishing platform that lets you create, manage, and distribute digital books. The easy-to-use workflow enables a smooth transition from page to pixel, author to reader, concept to market. Publish digital first through the WYSIWYG editor. Batch-process your backlist titles. Convert, track, and transfer your projects directly to sellers’ mobile bookshelves, all with the ease of Chaucer.

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Interactive eBooks make the reading experience more memorable, help students learn more, and bring content alive. Our extensive widget library allows interactive features to be added easily.

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Import finished files or create new books within the platform. inDesign, word, pdf, mp4, mp3, and more are all supported. A proprietary algorithm outputs clean, validated code. Spend less time troubleshooting, more time creating.


Cloud-based support means multiple teams can work on multiple projects simultaneously.

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A user-focused workflow makes even the most elaborate book creation easy.