How NoviGuide Works

NoviGuide’s first section is targeted at the most serious case for medical intervention, a newborn who requires resuscitation. Accessible from anywhere via an emergency button, the resuscitation section focuses on a custom-created animation that shows medical providers the procedure to revive an unresponsive infant. The animation is presented from a nurse’s point of view, with real-time CPR rhythms and voice prompts.  The entire module is hands-free to keep medical staff focused on the infant, not the technology.

For the moments after birth and during nursery rounding, NoviGuide provides interactive assessments to help nurses take stock of a baby’s health and decide what intervention, if any, may be required. If a nurse is taking care of a healthy baby, NoviGuide leads that nurse through standard care protocols—asking questions designed to catch any potential red flags, while moving the process along at a fast clip. NoviGuide can help by logging feedings and providing guidance on food intake levels—both critical in the first few days of a newborn’s life. 

NoviGuide can help with a multitude of other health problems as well. A series of simple yes/no questions actually mask complex algorithms designed to make sure that sick infants are receiving the care they need. NoviGuide can calculate the amount of IV fluids needed or the correct medicinal dosage for an infant requiring either. Whereas previous dosage guidelines were simply charts on a wall requiring manual calculations for each newborn, NoviGuide simplifies this process—preventing common and potentially harmful dosage errors.

NoviGuide will further aid healthcare centers by collecting data that can be presented to government bodies in charge of resource allocation—more accurately predicting each center’s needs. At present, NoviGuide is collecting data locally, but future versions will allow this data to automatically sync to cloud storage. An additional “Learning” section of NoviGuide provides further reading, practice modules, and resources for health care workers.

NoviGuide will encourage best practices and potentially save many lives. We are grateful to the Global Strategies team for ensuring that all algorithms are medically sound and to Jive Media Africa who will be helping to localize NoviGuide’s content.

Next Step: Upcoming Field Test

In early 2015, NoviGuide will be piloted in four sites in South Africa. Researchers at Harvard and UCSF Medical Center will be evaluating how NoviGuide works in the field and reviewing all data collected. 

We are incredibly excited about the potential of NoviGuide to help infants around the world. If you are interested in donating to this worthy cause, please visit the official website for Global Strategies.