The iPad® minis and their interactive content have been receiving “rave reviews” from midwives, nursing school students, and non-clinical health program managers. The field test team from Global Strategiesadded that, “students were quite facile with the technology and were eager and excited to participate.” Below is a photo showing midwives at Sister Agnes Clinic in Monrovia being trained in integrated PMTCT (Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission) and baby care.

We also received this update from medical director Joshua Bress.

"Global Strategies taught the first neonatal resuscitation course to nursing instructors at Mother Paterne Nursing School in Monrovia. The instructors were excited to see an actual functioning neonatal mannequin. Previously, it had been taught using a video without a true hands-on component."

In the first photo below, you can see Josh using the mannequin as a training tool. With the green and red bulbs in his hand, he can control the baby's respiration and heart rate. The second photo shows two nurses at Mother Paterne practicing neonatal resuscitation with the mannequin.

We are delighted by this positive feedback and can’t wait to get further updates as the team continues to visit hospitals, clinics, and maternity sites. We will be continuing to blog about the project as we get updates from the field. Stay tuned!