What is the answer to the $958 million challenge faced by businesses each year?

I intend to find out when I attend the Training Industry Conference & Expo (#TICE2016) this week for the first time. The challenge? How to reduce waste and inefficiency for companies who are developing digital content and other best practices for the Corporate Learning and Development space.

TICE certainly seems like the place to find answers. After all, TICE is touted as "three days of collaboration, networking and sharing best practices for training leaders...and an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, strategists and thought leaders whose ideas have molded the development of training programs around the world."

In reviewing the agenda, it's clear I'm not the only one who is looking for answers about how to maximize technology and/or digital content in corporate learning and development. In fact, nearly half the session titles at TICE include some version of virtual learning, E-learning, mobile, video, or digital literacy. Even the kickoff session, entitled "Seven Insights Learning and Development Professionals Can Use Today," seems oriented towards practical advice to help training professionals harness the power of technology in Corporate L&D.

Interestingly, many of the sessions, panels and workshops at TICE are not being delivered by academics, researchers, or training leaders wanting to represent their companies (e.g. by presenting a case study of their achievement), but by third party companies offering up their products or services as solutions for training leaders. This isn't a criticism; I'm attending TICE as a consultant for Metrodigi, an educational technology company that hopes to do the same - meet with training leaders to explain how our platform and services can help solve organizations' learning and development needs as effectively as possible. Remember that $958 million challenge I referred to? That's an estimate of the inefficient and ineffective spend incurred by organizations who are struggling to find the best content creation processes and training solutions for this space. 

There are so many potential partners for the creation of digital training programs that it must be very challenging for Learning & Development professionals to know which partner is the best fit. I'm looking forward to hearing the solutions presented this week, and after the show, I will share a recap of best practices and technology solutions that can help meet the needs of today's corporate learners.


Dory Schrader is currently serving as Chief Marketing Officer for Metrodigi. She is a marketing leader with more than 15 years' experience in strategic product marketing and sales management leadership roles. She's demonstrated success developing and establishing market-leading brands and award-winning products, and growing global sales in large, mid-sized, and small organizations. Read more about Dory, including testimonials from former colleagues and clients, on LinkedIn.