Metrodigi is excited to partner with The Center for Ecoliteracy to produce an interactive learning resource for secondary and postsecondary educators. Founded in 1995, the Berkeley based organization leads various programs and creates non-traditional learning curriculum to encourage schools to teach and model sustainable practices.

This tablet-based resource will deepen educators understanding of the links between climate change and our food systems. Through engaging, interactive content, readers will learn how changes to the way our food travels from field to fork yield very promising results in reversing the negative effects of climate change. 

A fully immersive experience, the resource will also provide samples of classroom lessons and reflective exercises that integrate the academic, social, and emotional dimensions which impact the issue of climate change. 

Metrodigi is passionate about the work The Center for Ecoliteracy does to cultivate hope and action among teachers and their students. We look forward to working together to create a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that will support and guide educators in developing standards based teaching materials to be used locally and globally.