Browsing the eBook, you’ll see star icons scattered throughout. Tapping one will bring up an animated “Star Card.” Similar to collectible baseball cards containing records, statistics, and a photo, Star Cards can be collected as favorites or shared with friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.This year, we worked with Guinness to create an eBook using Apple’s iBooks Author. This enabled us to add even more interactivity, including a few custom designed widgets. If want details on the collectibles that comprise the largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia, you can tap on any item with a number to see an expanded view with detailed information. If that isn’t enough detail, you can watch a video tour by tapping a small arrow icon.

Ready for an encounter with one of the top ten most venomous snakes? The scrolling widget will bring you face-to-face with a Saw-scaled viper, a Black mamba, and a Philippine cobra.

We think the 2014 edition of Guinness World Records (available soon in the Apple iBookstore) may be the best record book ever! So if you can’t wait another minute to start your record-breaking read, then check out last year’s Guinness World Records 2013 or the official GWR website.