We piloted a program in Liberia which uses eBooks to educate healthcare providers about the preventing the transmission of HIV from mother to child. For an update on the February field test and pilot program see this blog post. Now we are expanding the project to help deliver comprehensive neonatal care to an area of the world with one of the the highest neonatal mortality rates—the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Introducing Mtoto-Go

Global Strategies, a Bay Area non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of women through healthcare, came to us with a problem. The countries where Global Strategies delivers healthcare are the countries with the fewest number of healthcare workers. Unsatisfied with the speed by which traditional education methods were increasing this number of healthcare workers, and the quality of the training material available for low resource countries, they asked the Metrodigi team to help them address the crisis using our eBook and eReader expertise.

“We have had much success training small groups of nurses, but in areas of the world where 1 in 20 newborns die, what we need are thousands of trained nurses and we need them fast,” said Global Strategies President, Dr. Joshua Bress.

Mtoto-Go was born out of this desire to use a new technology to solve an existing problem. Mtoto is the Swahili word for “baby.” We see Mtoto-Go as a call to action—to combine the latest technological advances with the real world experience of expert doctors and nurses to tackle one of the biggest challenges in global healthcare. Mtoto-Go has four components:

  1. Cutting-edge Technology
    • Mtoto-Go Applications: A set of touchscreen bedside clinical pathways covering common conditions like infection, birth asphyxia, prematurity, malnutrition, and HIV prevention.
    • The Mtoto-Go Library: A suite of interactive educational ebooks.
    • The Mtoto-Go Portal: A cloud-based hub where a team monitors device usage, analyzes incoming data, and dispatches targeted content and revisions in real time.
  2. Shoulder-to-Shoulder Clinical Mentoring
    • Global Strategies uses Global Health Field Volunteers, including leading clinicians from UCSF, to provide hands-on training for local healthcare providers.
  3. Direct Care Delivery
    • Global Strategies works exclusively through local hospitals to deliver care to pregnant mothers and newborns.
  4. Providing Jobs and Professional Development
    • Global Strategies provides much needed jobs for nurses and doctors in parts of the world with endemic poverty.
    • Global Strategies provides continuing education and supports the research endeavors of local healthcare providers.

For an explanation of how all this works, watch this video.

“The world’s biggest problems are going to require everyone to solve them. It has been a thrill to see a leader in technology use their expertise to help babies 9000 miles away,” says Global Strategies Founder, Dr. Arthur Ammann.

Join this effort by clicking here to donate. And stay tuned to our blog for examples of Mtoto-Go in action!