From new creatures to wild plot twists (Nick starts the season as a zombie!), there’s a lot going on in Portland. The updated Essential Guide will dive deep into all the details you’ll need to take your Wesen-watching to the next level.

The updated eBook also features new interactive widgets. In addition to a virtual reality view of Aunt Marie’s trailer, you can now take a virtual tour of Rosalee’s spice shop.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature (at least to the Metrodigi team) is the “Draw a Wesen” widget. This fun interactive tool lets you upload an image from your iPad, or draw a beastie from scratch using variety of brushes and a palette of colors. You can also combine the two, as one of our eBook developers has done in the example below.

When your custom beastly creation is ready to share with the world, submit it directly to the Grimm team and it may be featured on Grimm’s social media outlets or even in a later edition of the eBook.

Grimm: The Essential Guide: Seasons 1 & 2 is available now as a free download on iTunes.