• eBook Conversion Services

    Chaucer, a revolution
    in eBook creation.

    Power to the publisher.

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  • eBook Conversion Services for Educational Textbooks

    Get schooled with interactive textbooks.

    Now the dog won’t eat your homework.

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  • eBook Conversion Services for Comics and Children's Books

    Superheroes flying off the pages.

    eGraphic novels just got superpowers.

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  • eBook Conversion Services for Art and Music Books

    Pocket performances.

    Works of art and music in a portable eBook.

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  • eBook Conversion Services for Sales and Corporate Marketing Materials

    Go even greener.

    Versatile annual reports, conference guides and interactive catalogs.

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  • eBook Conversion Services for Cookbooks

    Bon appetit!

    Become a master chef with tasty eCookbooks.

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  • eBook Conversion Services for Children's Books

    Magical eStorybooks

    Childlike wonder for all ages.

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  • eBook Conversion Services

    We convert eBooks for people on the go.

    (And for those that take it slow.)

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Chaucer: Power to the Publisher

Chaucer puts cloud-based collaboration, amazing interactivity, and ease of use directly in your hands. Read more and watch the videos.

trade publishers

Trade Publishers

educational publishers

Educational Publishers

Metrodigi helps industry leaders develop eBook conversion strategies for textbooks, graphic novels, art books, sales/marketing collateral, and mobile apps. We also develop the revolutionary eBook conversion software, Chaucer® and Poe®.


Amazing Titles in iBooks Author

We specialize in making great eBooks with Apple’s iBooks Author. Make your content beautiful and interactive with smart widgets, pop-ups, video, audio and more!

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